BizCover for Brokers’ Shaneika Sutherland wins 2023 Rising Star Award  

Shaneika Sutherland, Broker Operations and Distribution Manager at BizCover for Brokers (B4B), has been named a winner of the 2023 Insurance Business Rising Star Award.

Sutherland was selected by a panel of esteemed judges to make the prestigious list, which celebrates exceptional young talent who are positively impacting the insurance industry.

“It’s an honour to be among the many talented people who are driving change in the insurance industry,” says Sutherland. “I hope my passion for insurance inspires more young people to join the industry and help create a diverse and innovative future.”

Sutherland joined BizCover for Brokers in 2016, quickly becoming the face of brand. This was a natural fit, combining her bright personality with a drive to spark curiosity about how technology can shape the SME insurance broker industry. Her enthusiasm shines through each time she hosts a webinar or stars in social media campaigns for the brand.

Under her leadership, BizCover for Brokers’ portfolio growth has significantly increased. With focused efforts and the systematic implementation of long-term strategies, B4B grew more than 33 per cent during the past year.

Sutherland has also overseen impressive growth with an exclusive business unit served to a private brokerage network. That platform experienced GWP growth more than 88 per cent since January 2023.

Platform growth aside, the success of BizCover for Brokers’ support team may be Sutherland’s proudest accomplishment. She currently manages a 10-person team providing dedicated support to brokers across Australia.

“We have a diverse and results-driven support team, and it’s a delight to work with each and every one of them. Their hard work and dedication to providing exceptional customer service to our brokers is evident in our most recent NPS score of 72.”

Sutherland’s knowledge and leadership are appreciated by her team, particularly the account executives she mentors and manages:

“Shaneika, in short, is amazing. She holds so many roles within her job title—team leader, knowledge provider, problem solver, trainer, support worker, broker liaison, lady in the know—and she excels at them all. She is also an amazing mentor and someone that I can call a friend, someone that you can always call on and she’ll be there,” says account executive Cathy Thompson.

So, what does the future hold for Sutherland and BizCover for Brokers?

“We’re always brainstorming ways to enhance broker engagement. Resting on our laurels is not an option—there’s always room for improvement,” says Sutherland. “I’m thrilled to keep providing innovative solutions to our brokers and to continue growing our team.”

“There are some exciting things coming to the B4B platform. We cannot wait to share them with our broker network!”

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